Types of Breast Surgery

Types of Breast Surgery in Tijuana

Breast augmentation surgery at BM Plastic Surgery is performed by our top-rated board-certified plastic surgeon in Tijuana, Mexico. Breast surgery is a plastic surgery procedure performed to change the appearance of your breasts. With modern advancements in breast enhancement, the top plastic surgery center in Tijuana can you a more symmetrical, younger and self-assured appearance.

Whether you want to alter the size and shape of your breasts for cosmetic reasons or have a need for new breasts because of mastectomy or injury, BM Plastic Surgery, offers breast surgery that achieves natural-looking results. Look at our breast surgery before and after images of patients who have had breast enhancement surgery in Tijuana.

Types of Breast Surgery Procedures

  • Breast Augmentation. Breast augmentations are done to lift and re-contour your breasts to enhance and improve your appearance. Augmentation involves the insertion of implants to increase the size of your breasts.
  • Revision Breast Augmentation. When previous augmentations did not go well or have been in place for many years, there may be a need for a revision breast augmentation procedure. This procedure gives you the look you wanted from augmentation by reshaping and resizing your breasts.
  • Breast Lift and Augmentation. As we age, it is common for breasts to appear to sit lower or sag. Breast lift and augmentation use breast implants to reshape while lifting breasts to a more upright position.
  • Breast Reduction. Larger breasts may be what most women want but for those with oversized breasts, breast reduction helps relieve back pain and offers a renewed sense of confidence by reducing the size of your breasts to a more average size.
  • Gynecomastia. When men suffer from gynecomastia, breast reduction gives them a more masculine physique with a toned chest. Gynecomastia is a physical issue that causes men to have excessive tissue in their chest giving the appearance of breasts.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Breast Surgery?

Adults in generally good health who wish to enhance or improve the contour, fullness, shape, or size of their breasts or chest area are considered good candidates for breast surgery in Tijuana. BM Plastic Surgery welcomes many applicants including women who have lost breast mass or elasticity following pregnancy, breastfeeding, or weight fluctuations and men who are having trouble eliminating the appearance of unwanted fat in their chest.

Our support staff is composed of 100% bilingual and bi cultural team members that have shown eagerness to work with patients from abroad. BM Plastic Surgery is at the forefront of researching and using new surgical and non-surgical treatments. From publishing their work in peer-reviewed medical journals to enhancing their techniques with the latest technologies, our cosmetic and plastic surgeons are always looking for ways to improve results and enhance safety for our patients.

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